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Maidina 部門推出了許多應用程序和伊斯蘭服務,以在全球傳播伊斯蘭教的信息。 該部門設計了名為“凯里马与祈祷”的兒童學習應用程序,該應用程序基於六言语/凯里马特和兒童dua。 為了教育我們的孩子,創建了 圣行与礼节 的一個部分。 它是最好的兒童教育應用程序,具有出色的動畫效果,用戶界面充滿了各種顏色,對孩子來說足夠有吸引力。

Sunnat and Manners:

It’s a free app for the purpose of online kids learning. By using this feature, you can teach your child Sunnat-o-Adaab (Sunnat and Manners) which they will practice in their daily life routine and it’ll make them a more responsible and better human being for society.

Parent’s Guide:

With the ‘Parents Guide’ option you will get to know which Dua and Kalma you have to teach your child (like sleeping dua, or 3 kalma, etc.) according to their age so that the child can memorize well with translation and it will make their belief in Allah firm from childhood onwards.